Editing Entries and their Properties
Section 3.2: Editing Entries and their Properties
Once an entry is created you can edit its name, description, time range, lat/lon bounding box and other fields with the Edit Entry link in the Edit menu:

Which takes you to the Entry Edit form:

Entry Edit Form
Image 2: Entry Edit Form

If the description of an entry begins with "<wiki>" then RAMADDA uses the description text as a wiki page when displaying the entry in the default HTML view. See here for more information on wiki text in RAMADDA.

In RAMADDA entries have some basic properties that can be edited in the edit form, e.g., name, description, lat/lon bounding box, time range, etc. One can also add any number of other properties elements to an entry.

Clicking on the "Edit Menu -> Add Properties" link takes you to the Add Properties form where you can select the type of properties to add. e.g., Tag:

Add Properties Form
Image 3: Add Properties Form
Select the type of properties to add, e.g., "Tag":
Add Tag Properties Form
Image 4: Add Tag Properties Form
You can upload a file as an attachment to an entry:
Add Thumbnail
Image 5: Add Thumbnail
If you create a "thumbnail" attachment that is an image it will be displayed when the entry is listed:
Thumbnail Images
Image 6: Thumbnail Images

Selecting the "Edit -> Edit Properties" menu link allows you to edit and delete the properties elements of an entry:
Edit Properties
Image 7: Edit Properties
You can change any of the values of the properties and press "Change" or you can select one or more properties elements and delete them.

Note: In RAMADDA when there is a collection of checkboxes in a form selecting one and then selecting another with a Shift-Click toggles the range of checkboxes between the first the second checkbox clicked. Doing a Control-Click on a checkbox toggles all of them on or off.

The "Add selected to parent folder" button allows you to select some properties and copy them into the parent folder. For example, you may have a large number of data files one or more of which have properties (see Automatic Properties Harvesting for more information). Instead of laboriously adding properties to the parent folder you can just copy it from one of the children data entries.

If there is a data file that RAMADDA can open using the NetCDF/CDM library (e.g., gridded data, point data, radar, etc.) then there will be a "CDL" view link in the View menu for that entry. On that page there will be a "Add short properties" and "Add full properties" links shown. Adding short properties will just try to determine the geospatial bounds and the time range of the data file and set those properties. Adding full properties will also add as properties elements the netcdf varbiables and all of the netcdf global attributes found.

There are a number of other edit capabilities under the Edit->Extended Edit menu.

For Folders you can recurse down the entry hierarchy and set the spatial and/or temporal bounds of each entry as the union of its children entry metadata.

The Generate File Listing will provide a summary of all of the files in the hierarchy. You can choose to only list entries that have a file that is missing or only list entries that are OK.

The entry type of the entry you are editing can be changed. Note: for entries that have special attributes (e.g., Project, Point Data) when you change the type to a different type the special attributes will be deleted.

You can also recurse down the folder tree and change the type of all entries that match the specified original entry type and/or a pattern that is matched on the name or the filename of the entry. Note: the pattern is a regular expression.

So, for example, you might have a folder that contains a set of plain File entries that you want to change to be a certain data type (e.g., Landsat Satellite Data). You would select "File" as the Old Type, Landsat Satellite data as the new type. If you had a number of File entries but not all are to be changed you can use the pattern (e.g., ".*.hdf") to match on the File entries that you want to change.