Defining New Entries
Section 6.2: Defining New Entries
RAMADDA recognizes any file that ends with types.xml as an entry type definition file exampletypes.xml You can use this xml file as a plugin. But, if you wanted to include html resources you would have a zipped directory like: someplugin exampletypes.xml htdocs myplugin example.png Note: the names above do not matter except

Column Types

  • string - Use size="..." to specify the column size
  • enumeration - See below to specify values
  • enumerationplus - Just like enumeration but allows use to enter new text values
  • list - A big string internally but shows a list of newline separated text values to the user
  • password - A string but is shown in a password field
  • clob - A big character large object
  • int - Integer
  • double - floating point number
  • percentage - floating point number shows as percentage
  • boolean
  • date - Just a date
  • datetime - A date and a time
  • email - Shows as an email address
  • url - Shows as a URL
  • latlonbbox - spatial bounds
  • latlon - A single point
For enumeration or enumerationplus types you can specify a set of enumeration values.