Phone and SMS Integration
The phone services in RAMADDA uses Twilio.

Configuring Twilio

You need to create an account at Twilio. Once you have an account set up you should also have a new phone number. Twilio requires 2 URLs on your RAMADDA server to be associated with the phone number:
http://<your ramadda>/phone/twilio/sms
http://<your ramadda>/phone/twilio/voice
You then need to define the following properties on your RAMADDA server (e.g., in a file in your RAMADDA home directory)
#Twilio Application SID

#Twili authorization token (for reading the transcription)

#If you have a paid twilio account set this to true to transcribe voice
#twilio.transcribe=true or false
This is the application SID and the authorization token you can get from your Twilio account dashboard.

Configuring Phone Harvesters

The real work in handling a call is done with one or more Phone Harvesters. These are RAMADDA harvesters that define the RAMADDA folder to look at and access information. Go to Admin-Harvesters and create a new Phone Harvester:

The From Phone and To Phone are optional. If defined, this harvester will only access calls from/to these numbers.

There are 3 access levels specified by (potentially) different passwords - View, Add and Edit. If you enter "any" for these passwords then no password is required for that action.

To enable receiving voice messages specify a Voice Message response.