Miscellaneous Admin Settings
Section 8.10: Miscellaneous Admin Settings
There are a number of other site administation tabs available.

8.10.0 Statistics
This shows statistics of the system and the database. Note: if there seems to be memory usage problems (e.g., excessive memory use from a memory leak) you can simply add a URL argument to any URL:
(I know its a bit of a hack)
and the caches will be cleared and Java garbage collector will run. Then, you can revisit the statistics page and see if that has affected the memory usage (it should).

8.10.1 Access
This tab just shows an overview of all of the entry access control settings.

8.10.2 Logs
You can view the last 200 accesses to the repository. Because the googlebot is so voracious we show its (and other bots) accesses highlighted.

This tab also provides access to the current error log and the full error log. These two log files are in <ramadda home>/logs. The current log is the log file for just this current run of the repository. The full log file is a concatenation of all of the logging.

This view shows the last N lines of the log file. You cann show more or less of the log. Also, Java stack traces are shown hidden and can be expanded.

8.10.3 Clean Up
This still needs work but the Clean Up facility will go through the resository database and remove all entries that are file used and the file does not exist. For example, if you are harvesting a real-time data archive and adding the entries into the database the files in the archive may be removed from some external process (e.g., scouring). In this case these entries will not be shown to a user (RAMADDA checks for that) but they will not be deleted from the database.

We are intending to do this automatically in the future.

You can enter a message that is shown to all users one time in this tab. For example, you could announce that the repository will be unavailable for a certain time, etc.