Sub Repositories
Section 8.13: Sub Repositories
If you are running RAMADDA with the Derby database then RAMADDA has the ability to create self-contained sub-repositories whose users, database and contents are wholly independent from the parent repository. Derby is required because the database is stored fully in the RAMADDA home directory and RAMADDA has programmatic control over creating multiple databases. To create a sub-repository:
  • Go to Admin->Local Repositories
  • Specify a repository ID, e.g. "test"
  • Specify an admin ID and password.
  • Once created, the new repository can be accessed at:
    http://hostname/<base>/repos/<sub repository>
  • You can login to a sub repository with the credentials from its parent repository
  • Sub- repositories themselves can contain sub-repositories

Moving a sub-repository

  • First of all, go to the Admin->Local Repositories page of the parent repository and Stop the child repository.
  • In your RAMADDA home directory there should be a directory:
    .../repositories/repository_<sub repository id>
    This is the home directory of the test repository.
  • Move the repository_test directory to the destination server or other location
  • In the repository_test directory edit the - comment out ramadda.html.urlbase and ramadda_home
  • You can add an admin user here if you don't have a login to the sub repository. Add to the properties file -
    If you have https configured in the new server specify the port in the properties file:
  • In your new server configure the ramadda_home property to point to the repository_test directory
  • You should be good to go now. Once you're running log in as admin and go to Admin->Settings page and clear the hostname and port - you don't have to set a new one.