Logging in and User Settings
Section 2: Logging in and User Settings
If you have an account on a RAMADDA server you can login by following the login link:
If you have forgotten your user name or password and if the RAMADDA server has been configured to send email there will be links shown to send you a reminder of your user name and to reset your password.

Once logged in there is a link

in the upper right which will take you to your user settings page.

This page allows you to change your user settings and your password. The Page Template is a user interface skin and allows you to change the overall look and feel of the user interface. If language translations are define then RAMADDA also supports a per-user language setting which provides translations of phrases in the user interface.

The user favorites are a list of entries. These are kind of like bookmarks in a web browser and aid in navigating and managing content. When logged in you can add a favorite entry through the file menu.

The Data Cart facility allows you to add entries into it and serves as a way to make a folder of entries for further use (e.g., download, copy/move, delete, catalogs, etc). The Data Cart is not persistent and is only valid for a given user session.

An entry can be added to your data cart through the entry's File menu.

RAMADDA has a facility to define a monitor for new entries. A monitor consists of a set of search criteria and an action. When a new entry is added into the repository all of the monitors are checked. If a monitor's search criteria matches the new entry then the action is performed.