RAMADDA Overview
Section 3.0: RAMADDA Overview
RAMADDA is organized around a hierarchical collection of entries. These may be Folders, Files or some other entry type. In RAMADDA you are always viewing some entry. Here is an example of a Folder entry page in RAMADDA. You can navigate the tree of the folder's children entries or directly go to the child entry page.
When you are viewing an entry the button brings up a menu. This allows you to view the entry in different ways (e.g, map, table, timeline, etc.), create folders, upload files and edit the entry.
RAMADDA has a number of facilities that make it easier to copy, move and manage the entries in the repository. When you are viewing a Folder if you click on the arrow icon the Entry List form will be shown:
Entry List Form
Image 3: Entry List Form